How to get your License

Your First Step: Realtor Career Seminar

Join us for career night the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm
at the West Des Moines Office and on ZOOM at

This will be a small group discussion where a successful agent leads the conversation about the process of becoming a licensed Realtor. We discuss how you need to prepare for things such as education, fees, timing, etc. We also talk about what it’s like to be a Realtor. Although RSVP is not required, it is appreciated, email Keena at asc @ For questions, contact Jacque at 515 - 707 - 1107.

Your Second Step: Sign Up for Required Classes

To obtain your Iowa Real Estate Salesperson License you will be required to take a 60-Hour course and an exam. This class is done through a Live on Zoom classroom. There are also three 12-Hour classes required, that are not tied to the exam. These are NOT available online. They are called Buying Practices, Listings Practices and Developing Professionalism. You may take these in ANY order, however the 60-Hour must be completed to take the exam. All of our courses are offered here at our school! And, because of changes due to the pandemic, ALL pre-license courses are on Zoom...making getting licensed easier than ever!

Your Third Step: Start Background Check

Start an account with the Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau and save that username and password as you'll use it again later. Here you will request a fingerprinting packet to initiate the background check. More information on the entire process:

 More Information from The Iowa Real Estate Commission and Professional Licensing Bureau.

Your Fourth Step: Interview Real Estate Brokerages

When the above items are all completed, you'll apply for your real estate agent license via the Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau link/login mentioned above. They require you to select a brokerage at that time, so it's good to start interviewing brokerages now. For more information on that, contact Jacque at 515 - 707 - 1107.